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Stimulus Check; How Can The Elderly Benefit From The 1,400 USD Checks

The petition in order to provide stimulus check financial aid payments to the senior citizens of the United States of America has reached more than a million approvals. It was started by the largest non-partisan advocacy groups for senior citizens from the United States of America. The name of the group is TSCL, The Senior Citizens League. They are demanding a total of 1400 USD stimulus check payments that help the senior citizen get through the current hard times.

Stimulus Check Petition 

The petition of the non-partisan group states that one wants the federal government to provide the stimulus check financial aid payments to be provided to the ones who receive Social Security. The amount that is stipulated is 1,400bUSD. The reason why they want that to happen is in order for the elderly to meet their expenses during the ongoing inflation that is unprecedented. The petition further states that this year, the total increase that was in the rate of social security was 1.3%. That meant that the average was increased by a total of 20 USD a month. However, a large population of the recipients stated in a survey that their expenses increased a lot than their income. 

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Of all the sectors in which inflation has taken place, the most common is the meat industry. There is overall inflation of 5%. The increase in the price of pork is by 9%, chicken by 7.2%, and that of beef by 13%. In case the federal government approves providing the stimulus check financial aid payments to the elderly, it would be of great help to them. They would be able to afford to buy groceries during the time when their income is already very less than their expenses.      

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