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20 Free Email Marketing Tools to Check Out in 2020

With about 293.6 billion emails being sent and received daily, it takes the proper tools to ensure your marketing messages be noticeable from the crowd (and get delivered in the initial place). However, with an average expected ROI of $42 for every $1 you spend on e-mail marketing, there’s a reason so many brands are making sizable investments in email marketing.

Of course, area of the reason it is possible to achieve this kind of amazing ROI is there are many effective free e-mail marketing tools to choose from. But not every tool matches every company’s needs.

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Because of that, let’s consider 20 that might suit your purposes.

#1: HubSpot

Monthly Send Limit: 2,000 email sends per calendar month

Nothing can ruin an email strategy faster than the usual poorly designed email that doesn’t display correctly. If you can’t send a message properly, clients likely won’t trust you to do anything else.

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With HubSpot, you won’t need an IT team at the ready to draft professionally designed email promotions that display responsively across all platforms. By customizing goal-based templates with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly add pictures, calls to action, custom color schemes, and content.

Key Features:

  • Personalize your emails to increase open rates and click-throughs. Personalization may be based on list membership, contact record information, or subscribers’ life cycle stage.
  • Schedule your email campaigns so that they arrive in a prospect’s inbox at the optimal time for engagement.
  • Focus on optimizing your campaigns with A/B tests and analytics. Test which subject lines, content, calls to action, and images generate the most engagement.

#2: Mailchimp

Monthly Send Limit: 12,000 email sends monthly, up to a subscriber limit of 2,000

With a free plan that offers up to 12,000 email sends for up to 2,000 subscribers monthly, Mailchimp can be an ideal choice for marketers who are employed by small- or medium-sized organizations.

But note that until you have reduced plan, you won’t have full access to its support system. Likewise, Mailchimp branding will soon be in the footer of one’s emails.

Key Features:

  • It easily integrates together with your e-commerce business through WooCommerce and Magento.
  • It also integrates with WordPress.
  • You can optimize your campaigns with A/B tests.

#3: SendPulse

Monthly Send Limit: 15,000 emails monthly for free for up to 2,500 subscribers

When creating a professionally designed email, you can select from SendPulse’s significantly more than 130 templates or create your own having its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, the simplicity of the look process gives you to efficiently build slick emails or modify a template to sync together with your company’s branding.

Key Features:

  • With the free plan, you’ll still connect to SendPulse’s robust support team, including live chat support.
  • Take benefit of the “Resend” feature, allowing you to resend any emails that haven’t been opened with a different subject line. While this can capture new prospects, it can also allow you to figure out what drives probably the most engagement.
  • You can buy access to additional features individually, paying only for everything you truly need.

#4: Omnisend

Monthly Send Limit: 15,000 emails per month

On average, your marketing emails are merely getting opened 20 per cent of the time. That means an important number of subscribers aren’t ever seeing everything you have to say.

With Omnisend’s most popular feature, Campaign Booster, you can resend your emails to only the people who didn’t open them initially. This powerful feature can increase sales by up to 30 percent.

Key Features:

  • Use A/B testing to determine which subject line is best for engaging your audience.
  • Take benefit of Omnisend’s powerful content editor, which allows you to quickly build engaging emails.
  • Try boosting your click-through rate with Omnisend’s Gift Box, Scratch Card, or unique Discount Coupon Codes.

#5: Zoho Campaigns

Monthly Send Limit: 12,000 emails monthly for up to 2,000 subscribers

Zoho Campaigns is really only ideal if you’re already using Zoho CRM. The seamless integration between the two tools (even if you’re just using the free plan) can help get your e-mail marketing campaigns rolling.

Key Feature:

  • Test various facets of your campaigns with A/B testing.

#6: Moosend

Monthly Send Limit: Unlimited email promotions per month, with up to 1,000 subscribers

If you’re new to e-mail marketing, Moosend could be the ideal solution for your company. Though it doesn’t give you a CRM, the free version of Moosend is filled with useful features to help you to get started.

Note when you’re quickly scaling your organization, you won’t want to get too used to the free version — you’re limited to 1,000 subscribers.

Key Features:

  • It offers automation triggers for the email marketing campaigns.
  • It provides real-time analytics.

#7: Sendinblue

Monthly Send Limit: 300 email sends each day (approx. 9,000 emails per month), with unlimited contacts

If you’ll need a tool that’s less about marketing and much more about transactional emails, Sendinblue is the right option. With extensive developer APIs, it is possible to integrate the device to effortlessly help with forgotten passwords, invoice receipts, or any types of basic transaction emails. Overall, the e-mail marketing tool is simple to use, nevertheless the primary interface offers so many options that it can be overwhelming for a brand new user.

Key Features:

  • It supplies a vast variety of templates which can be easily personalized.
  • It provides access to an intuitive workflow editor.
  • Deliverability rates are not a concern with Sendinblue.

#8: Mailjet

Monthly Send Limit: 200 emails each day (approximately 6,000 emails per month)

Mailjet’s user-friendly design gives you to quickly roll out your email campaign to an unlimited number of contacts. The free plan hooks you up with full API access.

Key Feature:

  • Mailjet provides access to an enhanced email editor. Note that the free plan doesn’t include automation features or A/B testing.

#9: Benchmark

Monthly Send Limit: 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month

Designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level businesses, Benchmark offers one of many top e-mail marketing services for organizations experiencing rapid growth.

However, there are drawbacks to the device. The free version doesn’t offer automation features or A/B testing, and contacts can only be added through Benchmark subscriber forms.

Key Features:

  • It provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Its sign-up forms for campaigns are straightforward.
  • It facilitates basic drip campaign functionality.

#10: MailerLite

Monthly Send Limit: 12,000 emails per month, with up to 1,000 subscribers

MailerLite is an ideal system for the small business in the event that you send plenty of marketing emails to a somewhat small subscriber list.

Key Feature:

  • A solid preview tool allows you to see what your email looks like on a computer, as well as a mobile device, before sending it. Note that integration and API features fall short of several companies’ needs.

#11: ExpressPigeon

Monthly Send Limit: 1,000 messages for up to 500 subscribers; one user only

ExpressPigeon gives you to quickly design and personalize emails for a somewhat small subscriber list. This makes it perfect for companies dedicated to high-priority subscribers. Though you obtain all the premium features with the free plan, you’ll have to be prepared to upgrade soon if your organization really gains traction with email marketing.

Key Features:

  • You can make automated email responses for when you can’t get back to clients instantly.
  • It offers access to among the better customer service in the industry.

#12: Sender

Monthly Send Limit: 15,000 emails monthly for up to 2,500 subscribers

Sender’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to quickly design powerful content. It also ensures that your messages get where they’re supposed to be going.

Key Features:

  • It offers high level email analytics allow you to tweak and optimize your email campaigns.
  • You can make push notifications as part of an even more advanced strategy.

#13: Freshmarketer

Monthly Send Limit: Free for up to 500 contacts

With Freshmarketer (brought to you by Freshworks), you can upload HTML code or use its drag-and-drop email builder to design engaging email content. Additionally, the tool provides hundreds of responsive templates which will appear just as expected on a computer or mobile device.

Key Features:

  • Personalizing emails for your subscribers is simple and effective.
  • Trigger-based customer journeys make fully sure your audience gets the proper messages at the right time because they move down your sales funnel.
  • It also facilitates single-location contact management for your business.

#14: Wix ShoutOut

Monthly Send Limit: Three ShoutOuts per month, where you are able to send up to 5,000 emails

If you’re already using Wix as your internet site builder, Wix ShoutOut has become the most logical email marketing tool for your business. The intuitive editor gives you to quickly create a back ground, style text, and add your logo to a responsive design.

Key Features:

  • Design a custom signup form to help build your subscriber list.
  • Utilize powerful social media marketing tools to share emails on social media marketing platforms or easily transform them in to Facebook Ads.

#15: EngageBay

Monthly Send Limit: 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails per month

EngageBay allows you to create appealing email designs with an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. Effortlessly integrate social share buttons, images, and text in to design blocks.

Key Features:

  • Segment and target subscribers centered on a variety of filters, including country, source, tag, and date the subscriber account was made.
  • Rich-text formatting takes your emails to the following level of engagement.
  • Personalization is automated, including subscribers’ first and last names.

#16: Mailgun

Monthly Send Limit: 5,000 emails monthly for three months (you then buy what you use)

Mailgun marketing computer software gives you access to powerful APIs that allow you to track personalized emails. This focus helps it be ideal if you’re owning a lot of transactional emails.

Key Features:

  • A/B testing with tagging and tracking allows you to get better insights into what’s best connecting with your subscribers.
  • Advanced analytics help you in recognizing patterns in order to optimize the frequency of the messages you send and when you send them.

#17: FreshMail

Monthly Send Limit: 200 emails per month, with up to 500 subscribers

Award-winning artists have created stunning templates for newsletters and emails on FreshMail. However, limits on how many subscribers and the emails you can send makes this tool most useful for organizations in niche markets.

Key Feature:

  • No coding skill is needed to create beautiful emails with FreshMail’s template editor.

#18: EmailOctopus

Monthly Send Limit: 10,000 emails per month, with up to 2,500 subscribers

EmailOctopus offers stellar templates, in addition to the option to build your personal responsive email designs.

Key Features:

  • Create automated email sequences to save yourself time and energy.
  • Take benefit of advanced analytics to keep an eye on every unsubscribe, click, and bounce.

#19: Pepipost

Monthly Send Limit: 30,000 emails in the first month, with a regular limit of just one,000 emails and 3,000 emails per month and a daily limit of 100 emails for the succeeding months

Pepipost offers a robust suite of email marketing tools to allow you to optimize campaigns and increase engagement. From email tracking to a globally distributed email API service, Pepipost gives you in-depth data to improve your e-mail marketing performance.

Key Features:

  • Use webhooks for real-time tracking of email activity.
  • The stats API allows you to remotely contact and down load email activity logs.
  • Use custom metadata to keep track of electronic mails and link to responses.

#20: Right Inbox

Monthly Send Limit: The free version of Right Inbox allows you to sync an unlimited quantity of emails via your CRM and provides 10 monthly “send later,” reminder, and private note emails.

Right Inbox’s add-on feature brings tools and functionality to Gmail that the format doesn’t offer by itself. Also, it provides five templates and five different signatures per account.

Key Features:

  • Add contextual notes visible to you only.
  • Sync and push CRM-originated conversations without leaving Gmail.

Final Thoughts: 20 Free Email Marketing Tools To Check Out in 2020

Because of email’s influence on visibility and decision-making, it’s important to have the right tools to get your e-mail marketing campaign off the ground in 2020. But the best e-mail marketing tool for the company depends upon the kind of campaigns you run and how big your business.

However, with so many high-quality options, you’ll undeniably find one to fit your needs. Because of its importance, remember to do your homework and test options out.

Tell us everything you care most about regarding email marketing tools below.

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