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Thursday, November 26, 2020

2021 Lucid Air packs 1,080 hp punch, 517-mile range – Video

1080 horsepower 500 miles of range zero to 60 in only 2.5 seconds.
Electric Vehicle startup lucid is making some pretty bold claims regarding its 2021 lucid air and throwing around some spectacular numbers.
And now it’s finally unmasked a production ready version of the entire electric sedan.
We got our first look at this model and conceptual form in the past in 2016.
So it’s been quite a long time coming.
The exterior still looks not quite identical to the concept.
We don’t yet have specific dimensions but lucid design VP said that the windswept sedan is slightly smaller when compared to a Tesla Model S in just about any dimension and slightly bigger than a Mercedes Benz E Class.
that fed lucid claims that it’s ultra compact power train frees up interior space that rivals much bigger models just like the S class or BMW seven series, now within the air feature,a large 34 range, 5K curve glass cockpit instrument cluster that splits driving in intro tainment information between three zones And there the retractable pilot panel touch display on a thinner console for control of climate along with other vehicle systems.
The air will also feature the lucid dream drive a test suite, a fusion of 32 sensors including cameras, radar, ultrasonic and standard high resolution LIDAR that lucid will use to supply level two and eventually level three driver a technologies.
Now as soon as you’ve been waiting for, the energy
They employs one or two compact electric drive units that integrated electric motor transmission and a three phase AC inverter into a package that’s small enough to match into a continue Rolly bag.
Although at 163 pounds each.
Probably not entering the overhead bid.
At launch the air will soon be available in three flavors.
The single motor air Touring model makes 620 rear wheel driven horsepower.
The air Grand Touring as an additional motor to the front axle for a complete of 800 horsepower with all wheel drive.
And finally the very best trim air dream edition stick with two motors.
Bumps output to a claim 1080 horsepower.
So equipped you’re looking at zero to 60 sprints in 2.5 seconds, a repeatable 9.9 second quarter mile and a top speed of 168 miles hourly.
The air is with the capacity of some quick sprints, but additionally pretty quick charges as a result of his 900 plus volt lithium-ion battery Built on technology based on the Formula E racing theories with a 192 kilowatt onboard charger Lucic claims this world’s fastest charging Evie is able to add 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes when DC fast charging.
The range depends on the trim level chosen with the longest running air grand touring with its 19 inch arrow range wheels and tires.
packing a 113 kilowatt hour extended range battery power and a maximum cruising range of 517 miles.
Now like I said lucid is tossing around some really big impressive numbers for the upcoming air however the biggest is likely to be the price.
That 517 mile air Grand Touring is going to set you back a staggering $139,000.
And the better slightly more luxurious 465 mile air dream edition will run $169,000 when deliveries begin starting in spring 2021.
Later that year, they’ll be joined by a 450 mile air Touring model for $95,000.
And in 2022, a base air model will join the lineup with a yet smaller battery but nevertheless reasonable range for below 80 grand Of course all of them be eligible for a federal Evie tax credit which lucid record will knock around 7500 bucks off the bottom line.
We’ll have a full price breakdown on the roadshow comm if you should be interested in learning more, but if you’re feeling impatient lucid is taking reservations today for the electric sedan with a $1,000 deposit or 7500 bucks for the dream edition.
We’ve got videos coming comparing the lucid air to its most electrifying competitors, namely the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Tyco.
So just subscribe to ensure you don’t miss those.
In the meantime, slide on over to the roadshow comm where we’re serving up everything you need to understand about the lucid air and the upcoming lucid SUV.
I’ll see you there.

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