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2nd Golden State Stimulus Check: When Do I Get It And How To Track?

The state of California is sending another round of stimulus check as a comeback plan. Keep on reading to find if you are eligible and how much you can gain from it.

Two-thirds of the California residents have qualified for the Golden State Stimulus check and will receive $600.

Are You Eligible For The Stimulus Check?

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The 2nd Golden State Stimulus check is quite different from the first edition. The second one is an expansion of 1 stimulus check and not a round of stimulus payments. Quite similar to the Federal stimulus program.

The first round of Golden State Stimulus went to those earning under $30,000, the second payment goes to those earning up to $75,000, with those who got a first payment ineligible for the second, unless they meet certain requirements.

The taxpayers who got their first stimulus checks and claimed a dependent have qualified for another $500 payment.

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You need to be a resident of the state for more than half of 2020 and must be the same when the payment is to be received. You also need to fill in your 2020 tax returns by October 15. In order to qualify, you also cannot be claimed as a dependent by someone else.

The standard Golden State Stimulus Check II is a payment of $600. 

If you qualified for the first payment and claimed credit for 1 or more dependants the amount will be $500. If you didn’t qualify for the first payment and claimed credit for 1 or more dependants the payment will be $1,100.

If you have an ITIN then your payment can be $1,000 if you qualified for the 1st payment and claimed credit for dependents.

The stimulus check payments are going out every fortnight, while most are going out before October 15. The next batch is going out in October. If you filed after the 20th of August then wait for 45 days for your return to be processed and the check to be issued.

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