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3 Altcoins Recorded ATHs During The Bitcoin Price Rally To $52K

The broader market of cryptocurrency was indicating strong signs on 6th September when Bitcoin (BTC) bulls battled to take control of the level of $51K. Altcoins have, as usual, benefitted massively from the strong showing of Bitcoin, with several recording 20% and more increases.

Altcoins Will Probably Rise Higher

Among the altcoins, the top 3 earners have been AVA from Travala Network, PRQ from Parsiq, and ROSE from Oasis Network.

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Travala is one of the top blockchain-based platforms for travel booking. It offered accommodation services and flights to over 90,000 destinations across 230 territories and countries internationally. Graphs had detected an outlook that looked bullish for AVA on 1st September, even before the price rise that recently took place. On 5th September, AVA’s Vortecs Score reached a high point of 70. This was about 120 hours prior to AVA’s price spiking 54% during the next 24 hours.

Parsiq is an analytics platform based on blockchain. During the previous 24 hours, its PRQ coin rallied 51%. On 5th September, PRQ’s Vortecs Score rose into the green territory and recorded a high score of 72. This was about 12 hours prior to PRQ’s price increasing 52% during the next 24 hours. This bullish momentum follows Parsiq’s introduction of its subscription model. Subsequently, the protocol became the first software that is decentralized in the world which is a Service.

The blockchain protocol of Oasis Network has features that enhance privacy, helping to make a platform that is secure and suitable for data management ad open finance. Its altcoin ROSE’s Vortecs Score had entered the green territory and posted a high score of 76. This was about 82 hours prior to ROSE’s price surging 135% during the next 24 hours. On 3rd September, it was announced that ROSE had signed a partnership with API3, which is believed to be causing the momentum.

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