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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

3,000 Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) Shares Sold By The CEO

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) sold off 3,000 of his shares at $2,075.03 EPS worth $6,225,090 on 17th March, Wednesday. Presently, he possesses 6,582 Alphabet shares that are worth $13,657,847.46.

On Thursday the firm started from $54.86 with the market cap being $1.37 trillion. Their lowest in 1 year is $1,013.54 while the highest is $2,152.68. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 3.41, 3.39, and 0.07. They had shares worth 1,352,180 trading volume compared to 1,613,025 average volume. Their 50 day rolling average is $2,050.51 while the 200 day is $1,767.87.

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According to the 1st February report of the firm, their quarterly EPS was $22.30, exceeding the $15.91 consensus estimate by nearly $6.39. They had a 20.80 net margin with a 17.31% equity return. Their revenue was $56.90B, surpassing the $52.86B estimate.

Market Objectives Of GOOG Stock

Morgan Stanely upped the price objective of GOOG shares to an amount of $2,200 from $2,050 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. Credit Suisse reassigned a rating of ‘buy’. Deutsche Bank promoted it to $2,600 from an amount of $2,250 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Wedbush upgraded it to $2,470 from an amount of $2,150 and gave a rating of ‘outperform’. JPMorgan Chase and CO. raised it to $2,390 from an amount of $2,050 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. The firm has the average ‘buy’ recommendation with a $2,184.71 price objective.

Norges Bank purchased new holdings in Alphabet stock and own $2,118,088,000 worth of shares. Cibc Corp lifted their stake by almost 537.3%, owning shares priced at $1,271,486,000. Egerton Capital raised its position by approximately 85.6% and it owns shares priced at $1,183,689,000. Sanders Capital upped their stake by roughly 11.6%, owning $2,886,248,000 worth of shares. Arrowstreet Capital Ltd Partnership increased its position by almost 62.2% and they own shares priced at $602,909,000. 31.94% GOOG stock is owned by institutional investors.

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