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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Fourth And Fifth Stimulus Check Might Be On The Way!

As more people are lending their voice amongst Congress members,  in support of a possible fourth and fifth stimulus check, it seems like the relief aid might be on the way! Seven Members from two Committees: Means Committee and Influential Ways have written a letter to US President Biden. They are the new senators to join fellow Congress members in favor of additional stimulus aid. 

A Possible Fourth And Fifth Stimulus Check Can Help Reduce Poverty In America!

This year, it is being claimed that the Rescue Plan of America and its stimulus money will manage to pull our 11M people from below the poverty line. There are also other bill provisions allocating expansion of unemployment insurance to around 5 million people. The legislators have claimed that a fourth and a fifth stimulus check can come in very handy for pulling an additional fourteen million Americans from below the poverty line. It has also been stated that the combined effect of the new bill of President Biden and new rounds of stimulus checks can decrease the poverty rate in America and bring down the poverty number from 44M to 16M this year alone. 

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The request for new rounds of stimulus checks was defended by lawmakers. They claim that while on one hand, the stimulus checks reduce poverty among workers and families, on the other hand, it also supports jobs and increases spending by acting as a stimulus. Yesterday, the Herald’s new reporting weakened this specific argument. However, around 1.24M stimulus payments haven’t yet been cashed! It is still unclear as to exactly when this new fourth and fifth check will arrive. But it seems like a possible fourth and fifth stimulus check might be on the way and will help reduce poverty in the United States. 

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