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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Fourth Stimulus Check Payment Of $15000 Welcomed By Americans Is Just A Flying Rumor

Lately, Americans are very elated on hearing that a new bill regarding the 4th stimulus check has been passed. 

Unfortunately, it so appears that this news is merely a rumor. This was first started on one of the YouTube channels that spread the news and successfully managed to garner thousands of new followers immediately on Thursday. 

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However, people were very disappointed when this source was proven false and there was no official announcement or decision over another stimulus check. According to most Americans, another stimulus check might not be in the cards at the moment, numerous people are in dire need of relief payments

People believe that other than stimulus payments, they are certainly eligible for Universal Basic Income money before another year kicks in. 

Demands For Stimulus Check 

Many Americans have had newborns in 2021 and expect stimulus checks in 2022. 

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Although the IRS only gives payments according to the tax return of 2020, newborns are not likely to be known till applicants file their 2021 returns. In addition, the IRS has also informed that new parents have to wait before getting their stimulus payments. 

Moreover, taxpayers must also claim a credit recovery rebate for any infant in the tax return of 2021 that must be filed in 2022. 

Child Tax-Credits 

New parents are eligible to receive $300 monthly credit for any child or dependent till 17 years of age. 

Parents must update their profile on the official portal and claim the entire $3600 credit. 

Universal Program For Basic Income

Los Angeles has opened applications under the BIG LEAP program. This will provide 3000 low-income citizens hit hard by COVID with a monthly stimulus check of $1000 for a year. 

Chicago has also announced to offer a monthly $500 to 5000 eligible residents for 1 year. 

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