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Saturday, October 16, 2021

4th Stimulus Check To Be Issued In The Golden State From Next Week!

From next week, one state of the United States of America will be receiving a new 4th stimulus check! If you are currently residing in the golden state of California, you will be receiving a 4th stimulus check, provided you meet certain requirements. 

Eligibility For Receiving The 4th Stimulus Check!

Certain requirements have to be met if you are willing to receive the GS stimulus payment. One of the primary requirements in place is that your income must be below $75,000/ year and you must be a resident of the state for at least a year. However, you should file your tax returns for 2020 before 15th October 2021. If you have dependents, then you will get an additional $600 along with $500 for every dependent that you claim. There is another important eligibility. Only those who have not received the 1st round of payments will be eligible to receive this new 4th stimulus check. 

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The amount of the stimulus check won’t depend upon the total no. of dependents that a person has. If you have no dependents, then you won’t get your hands on this new 4th stimulus check. The lawmakers of California have assured that the checks will be issued from next week. This is very similar to the stimulus program of the federal government. The direct deposits are set to be issued first. The paper checks will follow shortly after. In Florida, many first responders and educators are getting the stimulus money from the federal government. The stimulus payment to be issued by the Golden state has criteria and requirements quite similar to the checks being issued in Florida! 

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