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Bitcoin Prospects To Keep An Eye On As The Year Comes To An End

A Christmas filled with cheers for all the holders leads the way above $28,000 with warnings regarding Bitcoin being in the crosshairs of regulators for 2021.BTC is having a wonderful week hitting $28,400 that is its record high and leading at the top. As markets are set to return after digesting this wild Christmas, five factors influencing the direction of BTC price are presented.

One factor is that gold will surge following Trump’s signing of the stimulus bill. The markets have been able to breathe a sigh after President Trump decided to sign the $900 billion Covid-19 stimulus bill. Therefore the markets have begun this week on a very positive note. Data shows that gold is on track to gain its biggest profit in one decade.

Regulators To Keep An Eye On Bitcoin Next Year

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Another factor is that regulations will soon be there for the mainstream Bitcoin. After hitting around 55% monthly gains and hitting $28,400, Bitcoin is now on the radar of the regulators. So the upcoming year might prove itself as a new challenge. Another factor is that analysts rate the rebuttal of BTC as very healthy. After hitting $28,400 BTC went into a pullback that was expected by many analysts. Michael Poppe termed Bitcoin’s correction while being vertical as very healthy. He predicts it to remain in the temporary top.

Another factor is that BTC has a record futures gap. It is fighting with the biggest gap ever seen on the futures market. These gaps refer to all the voids that took place in the trading sessions between Monday and Friday. The spot price of BTC/USD will fill the gaps later on. The last factor is that the forecasts of Stock-to-flow are high, which is the most reliable and best-known price model used by Bitcoin.

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