7 Free Tips To Increase More Traffic To Your Website

Tips to increase web traffic
Tips to increase web traffic

How do you know that your business is growing? It happens when you notice increasing traffic to your website. So, spice up your marketing strategy in these amazing free ways to gather more audience. These visiting audiences will become leads in the future and turn into lasting customers. But all of it depends on your strategy to attract more traffic to your website.

Tips to increase web traffic
Tips to increase web traffic

Create A Google Business Listing

If you didn’t know this, then here’s a great tip for you. An optimized Google Listing at “My Business” can get you more traffic to your website than if you don’t sign up under this. Additionally, Google is a great marketing aid if you’ve started your business recently.

Perform On-Page SEO

There are several SEO tasks that you can fulfil to make your site more noticeable or to make them rank higher on search results. Basic SEO tactics include informative content, catchy title and an impressive meta description. Remember that your customers will see your title and description first, so make them a click-bait to increase traffic to your website.

Get Enlisted In Online Directories

There are multiple online free review sites and directories that you can enlist your website to get more traffic to your website. Your profile on these directories will have a direct link to your website. Thus, you can focus on achieving positive reviews from these spaces to increase traffic. Also, remember to keep updating them regularly.

Building Backlinks

If other websites mention your product or service, they can link your website along with that mention. This is a super-useful element to enhance your marketing and make a difference to your website. Moreover, if you can get influencers to backlink to your website then you can drive more traffic to your website in no time.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media is a great place to enhance your business. So, use it to your advantage. Make more blog posts and share useful content related to your website on social media to draw more traffic to your website.

Use More Hashtags

This is another way to enhance your audience-reach. Add related hashtags to all your posts related to your website products or services and get noticed more easily.

Start With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great marketing tactic. It’s more personal and you can make your customer feel special by sending out regular newsletters and offers via emails. Make sure you make a mark on your potential customer. But remember not to bombard them with emails so that they unsubscribe you.


There are several other ways like engaging with your customer online, using Google analytics to figure out where you’re lacking in your website marketing. You can also open a guest blog for your influencers to write about your website. If you combine a number of these tactics, you can easily attract more traffic to your website.