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Stimulus Check- A Brief Background

A total of three rounds of stimulus check payments have been provided in the United States of America by the federal government. The money started getting generated after the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Initially, the money was provided by Donald Trump, the former President of the country belonging to the Republican Party and his administration. And then it was followed by president Joe Biden belonging to the Democratic Party and his administration.

Stimulus Check Background

The first round of the stimulus check financial aid payments was provided in the month of April in the year 2020. The eligible citizens of the country received a total of 1200 USD. And the eligible dependents below 16 years received a total of 500 USD. The maximum number of dependents that could be claimed was three. The second round of the stimulus check federal aid payments was provided in the months of December 2020 and January 2021. The total amount of the package was 900 billion USD. it was a part of the act signed by former President Donald Trump.

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The name of the provision of the act was “Coronavirus Response Relief.” It was approved by the Republican ex-president on the 27th of December. The total amount of money received by people under the act was 600 USD. However, there were a few eligibilities that were to be fulfilled by the citizens in order to receive the money. The third batch of the stimulus checks financial aid payment was provided by the federal government in the month of March 2021. It was generated as soon as the completion of the second batch of the financial aid payments was made. It was provided through the “American Rescue Plan” that was approved by President Joe Biden.    

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