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The Probability Of A New Gas Stimulus Check Coming Soon

There has been news that three representatives of the Democratic House have agreed to sponsor a bill that will provide money as a stimulus check to the American citizens. This new stimulus check would be granted just for the rising price of gas in America. Representatives of the House namely, Mike Thompson from California, Lauren Underwood from Illinois, and John Larson from Connecticut have decided to co-sponsor the new bill that would give every eligible citizen $100 every month.

A New Stimulus Check Or A State Gas Tax?

This energy rebate will be provided to middle-class drivers and other people in months when the average national price of gas will be more than $4 for each gallon. This stimulus check of $100 will be given to those single filers whose annual earning is less than $75,000 and as the earning is increased and be under $79,999 the rebate amount will decrease. 

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Similarly for joint filers, the annual earning must be less than $150,000 for them to get $100, and as the earning would increase more than $160,000, the rebate will be ceased. Moreover, as per Thompson, for every dependent, the Government would also provide $100. 

In the views of Thompson, the majority of citizens of America are feeling the pressure of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. As the U.S. authorized several sanctions against Russia, the national gas price has increased to $4.23. 

However, Marsha Blackburn the Republican Senate of Tennessee criticized the initiative of a new stimulus check and stated that instead, the country must focus on drilling more oil. She suggested that the U.S. must focus on restarting their Keystone pipeline, drill oil for domestic use and then export the excess amount to other countries. Though the proposals of a gas card and gas tax holiday are being considered, still the ideas are far from getting a green signal.

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