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Tom Wolf Is Working Hard To Sanction A New Stimulus Check In Pennsylvania

Tom Wolf, the Governor of Pennsylvania, again took the approval from the lawmakers of the state to distribute a stimulus check to the residents of the said state. The fund for this new stimulus check would come from federal dollars for the pandemic that is yet to be used. However, as per Jon Delano, the members of Republicans who control the legislature of this state would not allow this proposal. 

Stimulus Check Worth $2,000 Might Not Be Sanctioned In Pennsylvania

In the words of Wolf, for the stimulus check, he wants to allocate $500 million from the unused fund for a total of $2.2 billion and use it as a one-time direct payment. He stated that this is not just a theoretical thought and he is actually trying to help the needy people of Pennsylvania with a check worth $2,000. 

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The eligibility criteria for this money is to have an annual earning of less than $80,000 for a family. The direct payment of $2,000 can be used for anything by the poor and middle-class people. As per Senator Devlin Robinson, the proposal of Wolf got a cool reaction from the legislature that is fully controlled by the Republicans in Harrisburg. 

Robinson also stated that though the money will be lost if not used at the proper time, still it can be used in a better way. He mentioned that there are several places inside the state, especially in Pittsburgh, where the bridges are falling and roads need immediate reconstruction. He clearly stated that the members of the Republicans are more interested to use this money for constructing a bridge on I-79. 

He also mentioned that the issue with stimulus checks is that it causes inequality in the budget. According to Jason Gottesman, not only the Republicans but some members of Democrats are also not giving their approval to this plan. Wolf, on the other hand, demanded that quick action must be taken for helping the people in this inflation.

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