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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

“A Recipe For Seduction”: Twitter Is Going Gaga Over KFC And Lifetime’s Upcoming Mini-Movie

Latest reports suggest that KFC and Lifetime are teaming up for an all-new mini-movie starring none other than Mario Lopez. Since the break of this news, Twitter has not been able to contain itself. Both the brands are about to launch “A Recipe for Seduction” after a merger between the brands.

The holiday season just got more exciting with the news of this mini-movie release. This Mario Lopez special is set to premiere on the 13th of December on Lifetime at 9 p.m. After the launch, the movie will be available on several VOD platforms and online streaming places, especially on the Lifetime app.

‘A Recipe For Seduction’ Twitter Reactions: “This Can’t Be Real”

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A Recipe for Seduction is supposed to be a loving tribute to all the melodramas that have streamed on this platform. The 15-minute short film is supposed to be a thriller. Nothing suits better than a suspenseful drama and KFC’s bucket of fried chicken, mentions KFC’s CMO (US) Andrea Zahumensky.

Mario Lopez plays the character Colonel Sanders from KFC and Twitter fans can’t keep their chill about this. According to recent news reports, he got teased by fans over his new romance Lifetime movie, “A Recipe for Seduction”.

After the movie, “Mac and Me” for 80’s kids in 1988 where we got to see Ronald McDonald, this is supposedly the biggest cinematic presence for a fast-food icon, Colonel Sanders. Andrea Zahumensky further mentions that this movie will be a good distraction for everyone during the holiday season.

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The trailer of “A Recipe for Seduction” has already been released and Twitter has gone crazy over this unexpected and spicy tale of Colonel Sanders. The short film shows Sanders attracted to Jessica, a wealthy heiress who is intrigued by his innovative plans regarding fried chicken. “A Recipe for Seduction” might keep KFC a lot busier than expected during 2020’s holiday season.

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