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Friday, January 27, 2023

A Second Stimulus Check Unveiled By California!

As a part of the Comeback Plan for California, there will be a second stimulus check for its citizens. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, unveiled the Comeback Plan for California. This plan is a Coronavirus relief bill, amounting to a hundred billion dollars. This bill expands the stimulus payments and introduces a second stimulus check.

The bill has a lot of other provisions too. Just after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed this stimulus bill of the Golden State into law, this news followed it. This relief package is available across the entire state. It includes a series of direct payments amounting to $600 for residents surviving on very low incomes. 

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After the announcement regarding the second stimulus check of $600 was made, it was supported by a lot of lawmakers. However, after the announcement of the surplus in the budget was made, the office of Gavin Newsom was quick to unveil its Comeback Plan for California. It was a huge expansion of the support that was already available to the California residents. The eligibility for receiving the second stimulus check of $600 was pushed to around two-thirds of all the residents of California. There was additional support of billions for the state hit hard by this raging pandemic. 

Eligibility Of Receiving The Second Stimulus Check!

The checks of the Golden State were available to California residents, those who enrolled in the CalEITC program, or similar programs providing support to the people for the state. However, the direct payments will follow the requirements regarding the eligibility provided to the recent series of stimulus checks provided by the federal government to the residents of California. Families with incomes of $75,000/ year or less will be automatically eligible for receiving the second stimulus check. 

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