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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Aave, A DeFi Firm Hits All-Time High

Aave, this year, since the beginning, is high, rising more than 185%. Several newer addresses that have holdings of the firm’s coins have also witnessed record-highs since its performance-boost. As per a certain resource, several newer addresses that have been holding the company’s tokens have reached a score of 62.22. This is based on an average of only a week. The amount of addresses also saw an increase, now a whopping 1,479.57. 

The number was later increased. The same resource reported that the number of addresses that are active, hitting a new high, has reached a total of 2,722.14. The average weekly movement includes 185.63. This also gave rise to the volume and amount of transactions and transfers. This indicates Aave’s extremely strong beginning since the beginning of this year. 

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Aave’s Performance Since 2021

Aave witnessed a very powerful opening and performance throughout the first month of the year. The token of the project passed over the amount of $280, a first for it. It also had this on several exchanges at the same time. Currently, at the moment of writing,  it is trading at a rate of $247.94. The protocol, along with its coins, has also been enjoying the high ride of success amount. 

This time, last year, the firm had over $4.2 million trapped in it. This year, the numbers are significantly high, at an astonishing rate. The amount trapped today is $3.6 billion. At the point, Aave only ranks second behind another firm called MakerDao, which was founded last year. Both of these projects have held the top spot several times, competing with each other on various occasions. 

Aave has liquidity protocols. This enables users of the DeFi sector to borrow or lend digital assets. These assets include DAI or LINK. The app is popularly known as the industry’s “blue chip.”

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