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Thursday, January 20, 2022

ADDYY Has A Hold Rating From Brokerages

The stocks of ADDYY have been given a rating of hold from around sixteen different brokerage firms that have been covering the company. According to a research report, one of the analysts has given the company a rating of sell, while nine of them have given it a rating of hold. 

The Stock Commentary Of ADDYY

Quite a few brokerages have already commented on the stocks of ADDYY. UBS Group has put up a rating of “buy” in an 11th March research report. Zacks Investment Research has also increased the rating of the company from sell to hold in a 23rd March research report.

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Morgan Stanley has prescribed the company a rating of underweight in a Friday research report. Exane BNP Paribas has also increased the rating of the company from neutral to outperform in a 13th January research note. 

The stocks of ADDYY traded on Monday at $166.83. The market cap of the firm is $65.39 billion, with a 121.77 PE ratio, along with a PEG ratio of 5.58. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $168.73 with the moving average price of the company over 200 days is set at $168.74.

The current ratio of the company is 1.39, with a 0.86 quick ratio, along with a 0.38 debt-to-equity ratio of around 0.38. The year high of the company is $185, with a $102.27 year low. 

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ADDYY did post their quarterly data on the 9th of March. The EPS reported by the company for the quarter was $0.40, with a net margin of around 2.33%, and a 7.19% return on their equity. 

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