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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

ADDYY Have Been Given A Buy Rating

The stocks of ADDYY have been issued with a rating of buy from around sixteen brokerages that have covered the company. Eight of the investment equities have already issued the company a rating of hold, while eight others have issued a rating of buy. Currently, the price target of the company over the year has been reported at $203.

The Stock Commentary Of ADDYY

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of ADDYY. Morgan Stanley has already increased the price target of the company from underweight to equal weight in a 19th May research report. Credit Suisse Group has also reiterated a rating of neutral in a 13th May research report.

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Societe Generale has also increased the price rating of the company from hold to buy in an 11th March research report. The Royal Bank of Canada has also reiterated a rating of sector perform in a 26th February research report. In the end, Deutsche Bank put up a rating of hold in a 15th April research report. 

The stocks of ADDYY traded on Friday at $185.02. The year low of the company has been set at $129.08, with the year high of $186.81. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $173.42. The quick ratio of the company has been 1.10, with a 1.54 current ratio, and a 0.33 debt-to-equity ratio. The market cap of the firm is $72.52 billion, with a 61.88 PE ratio along with a 0.84 beta. 

ADDYY previously updated its quarterly report on the 7th of May. The EPS reported by the company was $1.56, with the consensus estimate of $1.06. The net margin of the company has been set at 4.8%, with a 13.77% return on equity. The revenue generated by the company during this period was $6.35 billion, with a consensus estimate of $5.95 billion.

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