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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Al Pacino Addresses “Shrek” Phone Case

In April, Al Pacino, the Oscar winner, caused quite a stir online when photos of him having dinner alongside Jason Momoa and pals after seeing a Julian Schnabel exhibition surfaced wearing what seemed to be a Shrek iPhone cover.

In that case, what Shrek is going on? Could it be that the incredibly electric actor, who has astonished viewers in movies like “Scarface,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Heat,” “Scent of a Woman,” “Serpico,” and all three “Godfather” flicks, has a phone whose case has the face of an ogre beloved by children and Princess Fiona?

Social Media Had A Field Day With Al Pacino

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When Harry Smith of TODAY took out the “renowned phone” case featuring various images of the beloved cartoon Shrek, Pacino admitted ownership, providing some clarity. The interview aired on Wednesday.

Pacino claimed, “My daughter gave that to me.” “My littlest kid downloaded that on my phone,” Pacino claimed he did not understand the hype until he saw it for himself and realized how excited everyone else was. When asked what was on his phone, he answered, “That is Shrek. I did not even glance at it before social media informed me what was stored on my phone.”

Smith mentioned to Pacino that he still had the case, and Pacino replied that it was obvious.

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Without a doubt. As he put it, “it was a gift.” Even DreamWorks Animation joined in on the action, tweeting “Real recognize real” as the internet went wild over the news. One of the photos DreamWorks provided showed Shrek with a phone cover featuring Al’s likeness.

You can not make this stuff up, Al Pacino is the perfect man to live, plus he adores Shrek,” one Twitter user wrote after viewing the phone c

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