Alec Baldwin Fearful Of Trump Supporters

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is one of the most renowned faces in the American entertainment industry. He is a prolific actor and has appeared in a number of popular movies. Alec’s acting has been highly praised by critics and has earned him a significant amount of followers all over the world. However, the recent days for the actor have not been going great at all. Alec has been plagued by controversies over the last year. The shocking incident took place last year when the actor was shooting for a film named, “Rust”.

Baldwin had to shoot a scene with a gun in his hand for the film. Before the take, the actor was rehearsing his scene when he casually pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. To everyone’s horror, a live bullet went off from the gun and hit a crew member. The gun was supposed to be empty and was a prop gun. Everyone was baffled at the fact that how did a live bullet end up inside the gun?

The bullet hit Halyna Hutchins, who immediately fell to the ground and started bleeding profusely. She was quickly taken to the hospital where she was declared dead. This incident landed Alec Baldwin in great trouble. He is now fearful of the fact that supporters of Donald Trump might kill him. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Alec Baldwin Gets Death Threats 

Alec Baldwin is getting death threats from the supporters of Donald Trump. It is a well-known fact that Baldwin was never a great fan of Trump. After the incident of ” Rust”, some Trump supporters stated that they did not believe he was innocent. In fact, they stressed the fact that Baldwin must be the one who pulled the trigger deliberately. 

Alec Baldwin has faced a lot of consequences in recent times. He has been repeatedly interpreted by the police and had his cellphone confiscated.