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Alexandra Daddario Backs Casting Of Leah Jeffries In Percy Jackson

The announcement by Disney of the cast of the new series of Percy Jackson has led to the inevitable backlash. And most of the attack seems to be directed at one particular member of the cast, and for some quite harsh reasons. And now someone close to the series, Alexandra Daddario, has spoken her mind.

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the first version of the popular series, Alexandra Daddario was loved in the role of Annabeth. It was her first big break in the movie industry and turned the 36-year-old into a household star. The fans of Percy Jackson loved her in the role of Annabeth. So it was not a revelation that fans looked up to Daddario for comments on the change.

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This is especially true as the new casting of Leah Jeffries has led to so much controversy. But fans who were concerned about the opinion of Alexandra Daddario have no reason to be worried anymore. They need not fret any longer.

Alexandra Daddario Gives Full Support To Leah Jeffries’s Casting

Alexandra Daddario has given her complete support in a simple yet telling tweet. The obvious support from her has been promoted a lot by the unfair nature of the denigration.

In the book by Percy Jackson, Annabeth’s character is white. And so is Alexandra Daddario. Leah Jeffries is black and it appears that the hypocrisy continues to linger in a part of American society. Leah Jeffries even shut down her account on TikTok after she was subjected to racist taunts.

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The writer of the popular Percy Jackson series, Rick Riordan, has professed his wholehearted support for the casting of Leah Jeffries and has called for a stop to the racist hatred against her. He devoted a complete blog post on his website titled ‘Leah Jeffries is Annabeth Chase,’ to the needless controversy.

He called out fans and said that the attack amounted to racism. He is convinced that the present assembly of actors can do a competent job and bring the characters alive, and that should keep fans excited.

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