Alicia Keys Reacts To Fan Kissing Her

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys didn’t agree to the kiss. Alicia Keys, 41, was enjoying singing aloud “Realm Perspective” at a show in Canada’s Rogers Field in the previous month when one female fan snatched Keys’ face and established a peck on the singer’s cheek.

Alicia Keys Pulled Away From The Kiss

The Grammy champ, who was busy going after crowd individuals’ hands preceding the occurrence, broadened her eyes while pulling away — however, kept on singing.

At the point when Hollywood Opened shared a film of the abnormal second on Tuesday through Instagram, Keys responded.

“Trust me, I resembled what the F-K!!!!!!!!” she remarked on the video. “Don’t she understand what time it is???”

Online entertainment clients upheld the musician, pummeling the excessively energetic fan.

“A lot going [sic] around for that degree of closeness,” one Instagram client composed, while one more added, “You all must begin figuring out how to regard people groups [sic] space !!!!!!”

Many disagreed with Keys’ security group, with one individual kidding that “Bey[oncé]’s security could NEVER allow that to occur.”

Since June, the “Voice” judge has been going for her “Alicia + Keys World Visit,” which will close on Sept. 24.

Keys, who shook a sparkling green bodysuit for Tuesday’s presentation, has recently been vocal about dressing like a spitfire to stay away from undesirable consideration, which prompted reports about her sexuality.

“On account of the manner in which I talked or held myself, individuals began calling me gay and hard and I wasn’t gay, however, I was hard and in spite of the fact that I felt agreeable there, it made me awkward that individuals were making a decision about me thus leisurely I concealed that side of myself,” the piano player wrote in 2015, August, in a blog entry.

The “Nobody” artist made sense of that she, at last, started once again introducing dresses and allure to her closet, having an understanding that she could be “intense” and “provocative” simultaneously.

The next year, Alicia Keys uncovered her arrangements to quit wearing cosmetics, telling Charm in a February 2017 main story that she needed to demonstrate that she is “not a captive to” beauty care products.

“I get to pick at [any] given second,” the artist made sense of at that point. “That is my right.”