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Altcoin Cryptocurrency: The Wild World Beyond Bitcoin

The underworld of cryptocurrency is simply called altcoins. Often, they are also referred to as “shitcoins.” While bitcoin has gained astonishingly, crossing its threshold of $47,000. It is a brand new high for the oldest cryptocurrency in the world. But there are even bigger jumps in the cryptocurrency world- a world beyond the Bitcoin brand. They are cryptocurrencies with penny-stock. 

Although everyone has been watching this performance of BTC’s parent, the performance of other cryptocurrency besides it & Ethereum is wilder than that. These altcoins have been rising crazily and have no intention of stopping. Their jumps are 40-50 times more than regular Bitcoin. None of us is unaware at this point of the most popular altcoin, Dogecoin. Thanks to all the shouts and support it has racked up from Elon Musk as well as Reddit. But there are more altcoins surfing the universe of cryptocurrency. 

The Risk And Rewards Of Altcoins

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Crypto Spider managed to make millions of dollars through altcoins. It hasn’t had any background in trading or finance before. If anything, he has accepted the fact that he is an amateur who is self-taught. He began his journey in this world back in 2017. But then he also did not mention his age, saying he is 20ish. He participated in the challenge called 2k – 1 million. This was through some groups on Telegram. And soon, people tracked his success through his wallet number.

The journey of 2k ended up in 2 million dollars. This was due to his investment in a trade, with 50k dollars. Within a week, the success rate was so high; it crossed 1.7 million dollars. He pulled his cash out when the amount crossed 2 million dollars.

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