Alyssa Lopez Hits Back At Twitter User

Alyssa Lopez

You might remember Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother in the summer of 2018. She made it all the way to the final five before being evicted by her former ally, JC Mounduix. How did she fare after leaving the house? Well, it seems that Hooters has taken a shine to this fan favorite—literally! Lopez returned to her job as a waitress at one of their locations in Las Vegas. Ever since then, she’s been busy serving up wings and other comfort food favorites to hungry customers. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy about Alyssa returning to work at Hooters after appearing on television. Instead, some people have criticized her for going back there after spending time with such an elite group of personalities on CBS’ reality show—and even more so when she was voted out first during jury week without winning any competitions!

Alyssa Lopez Comments Back On Criticizm

“The word shame implies that I’ve done something wrong, which is not the case. I’m happy with my career and I love making people laugh,” Lopez says. “I’m proud of what I do.”

“I have a lot of respect for my job,” Lopez told People. “I love making people laugh, and I love being a Hooters Girl.”

Lopez says she was surprised that the tweet about her appearance took off to begin with, as she thought it was just another person on Twitter poking fun at her.

“But then it became this thing where people were saying, ‘You’re not allowed to be proud of your body,'” Lopez said. “That’s really sad because I’m proud of my body.”

Alyssa Lopez is a Hooters Girl, and she’s proud of it.

The Big Brother houseguest-turned-Hooters employee fired back at fans on social media who criticized her for continuing her job at the restaurant chain after she was eliminated from the show.

“You’re shaming me for working at Hooters?” Alyssa Lopez wrote in a lengthy Instagram story post that received nearly 1,000 likes in just five hours. “I’m not shamed by it.”