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American Families To Receive Stimulus Checks After Millions Sign Petition

Stimulus checks amounting to $2,000 could be received by the families after 2.7 million Americans have signed the petition.

Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Colorado, initiated this petition last year on Change.org and has gained momentum ever since. It called on Congress’ support to aid families with regular checks during the crisis. Adults should receive a $2,000 payment while $1,000 was allotted for kids. The cause for such a petition was to assist the laid-off, furloughed, or struggling workers in paying their rent and to have two meals in a day.

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Bonin asked the lawmakers to aim the Stimulus check at the people struggling with rent and other necessities. She specified that such checks should be automatically recurred after meeting certain triggers. This petition has reached the top 10 list of petitions that affected 2020 after gaining massive support.

The Lawmaker’s Reaction To The Stimulus Checks Petitions

President Joe Biden was hesitant to introduce such Stimulus checks whereas seven Democrats called for the introduction of fourth and fifth payments. 

The lawmakers believe that families need some assistance in such a crisis and should not suffer from constant legislative timeline shifts. Families should be able to pay their rent and purchase food for basic sustenance.  The pandemic has been a great reminder of such. The checks, will further,  have the potential to lift 18 million people in America above the line of poverty. Guardians having kids under six years of age will receive a check of about $300 every month as a child tax credit extension. 

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July 15 is the estimated date for the first Stimulus check and the following payments will hit the accounts on the 15th of every month. The people are expected to receive six stimulus checks in the current year and can claim the rest after filing their tax returns.

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