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Monday, May 17, 2021

AMZN Has Posted An EPS Of $15.79 For This Quarter

The stocks of AMZN posted their quarterly update in a research note published on Wednesday. The company had posted an EPS of $15.79 for this quarter, which was more than the consensus estimate set by Thomson Reuters set at $9.54. According to a report, the return on equity for the company was 24.49% with a 4.99% net margin. 

The Stock Commentary of AMZN

The stocks of AMZN traded on Friday at $3,467.42. The market cap of the firm is $1.75 billion, with a 102.32 PE ratio, and a 2.37 PEG ratio. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $3,218.59, with a moving average price over 200 days is $3,199.35. The year low of the company is $2,256.38, and the year high set at $3,554. The company also enjoys a 0.40 debt-to-equity ratio, along with a 0.88 quick ratio, and a 1.11 current ratio. 

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There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of AMZN. Piper Sandler has already increased the price target of the company from $3,903 to $4000 with a rating of overweight in a Friday research note. Truist Securities has also increased the price target from $3,750 to $4000 with a rating of buy in a Friday research note.

Jefferies Financial Group has also reaffirmed the rating of buy with a price target set at $4,200 in a Friday research note. Wolfe Research has also increased the price rating of the company from outperform with a price target of $3,720 in a price target in a 1st April research note. 

Two of the investment analysts have already given the company a rating of hold, while forty-seven others have given the company a rating of buy. Currently, AMZN has a buy rating of $4,072.33.

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