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An Analysis On The Need For Stimulus Checks In The US

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States of America, most of the eligible households have been receiving the stimulus check financial aid payments from the federal government. They include money in different forms like the child tax credits. And about 2 million residents of the state of California too received their share of the stimulus check payments provided by the authorities of the state.

Stimulus Check- Facts

The money that got distributed recently in California is the second round of payments. There were a few eligibility rules to pass in order to receive the money. There are also some people who could receive a total of 1,400 USD additional stimulus check financial aid payments. But in order to receive this, they must be new parents in the year 2021. It does not matter if the baby is their own or adopted. However, even if they are eligible to receive it, they will only be receiving it in the year 2022. 

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The rate of unemployment that was recorded in the month of August was 5.2%. A decrease was witnessed as compared to the month of July. However, this does not mean that the economic conditions of households in the country are doing very well. A lot of people are still struggling with finances. And the ongoing rise in the cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus is only about to make things worse.

And so due to all of these reasons, people are still placing their demands for another round of the stimulus check federal aid payments to be provided in the country. The amount that is currently being demanded is 2000 USD. However, the US Congress has not approved any such plans. They are occupied with an infrastructure bill of 1 trillion USD. 

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