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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Analysts Have Given the Rating of ‘Buy’ to the Stocks of IBCP

The stocks of IBCP have been given an average rating of ‘buy’ by the nine brokerage firms that have been working on the stocks of this company. One of the research analysts also gave the stocks a rating of ‘sell’, while three more have issued a rating of ‘hold’. Three research analysts have given the rating of ‘buy’, with one rating the stock ‘strong buy’. The price target over one year for the company is $17.67, as set by the brokerage firms.

The Stocks Options of IBCP

There have been quite a few firms that have been working on the stocks of the company. ValuEngine has already decreased the rating of the stocks of IBCP from ‘sell’ to a ‘strong sell’. BidaskClub went the other way to increase the shares of the company from a rating of ‘buy’ to a rating of ‘strong buy’. Boenning Scattergood established a rating of ‘neutral’ on the stocks of the company. In the end, Zacks Investment Research also released the shares of IBCP from a rating of ‘buy’ to a rating of ‘hold’, along with a price objective of $14. 

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The stocks of IBCP traded at $18.42 last Friday. The market cap for the firm is $403.10 million, with a beta of 1.05, and a PE ratio of 7.74. The year low for the firm is $9.19, while the year high for the same is $22.98. The quick ratio for the company is 0.79, while the current ratio stands at 0.82, with a debt-to-equity ratio of around 0.29. The moving average of the company over 50-days is $16.98, while that of 200-days is $14.86.

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