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Anna Kendrick Opened Up About The Abuse She Faced In Her Recent Relationship

Anna Kendrick opened up about the psychological as well as emotional abuse that she faced in a past relationship. The 37-year-old actress detailed how she had found herself in a situation where she loved and trusted her ex-partner more than she did herself. This interview was published on Wednesday where she also spoke about how she had been manipulated into thinking that she had a distorted sense of what was real and that she was impossible to deal with.

Naturally, such gaslighting led to her life turning confusing really quickly. The star of Pitch Perfect then went on to call her recovery from this trauma the hardest thing that she ever had to do. Even though she found out that her distorted sense of reality was, in fact, completely normal, it had been quite disturbing for her to heal.

Anna Kendrick Chose ‘Alice, Darling’ Because She Had Herself Been Through An Abusive Relationship 

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Anna Kendrick, who had been nominated for an Oscar, also explained that her body still thought that she was at fault for everything that was happening around her- even though she had gone through a concrete jump-off point in her life. Kendrick could relate to her next film, ‘Alice, Darling’ simply because the protagonist reminded her of the experience that she had with her partner- just like Alice had with Simon, played by Charlie Carrick. While her other movies allowed her to move beyond the trauma that she had experienced, this film felt quite familiar to her. 

Thankfully, shooting for the film hadn’t been a massive trigger for Anna Kendrick. For, even though the movie was shot in 2021 and this abusive relationship wasn’t quite old, she had several months to mentally prepare herself for the shoot. And she chose this film mainly because it spoke to her and her experiences.

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