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Anonymous Has Been Trying To Undermine Vladimir Putin

The hacktivist collective called Anonymous has been steamrolling the President of Russia with multiple cyber-attacks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Several people who were operating under the banner spoke about their motives to BBC while discussing their plans and tactics. One of the hacks from this collective was captured in a video clip that featured normal programming shows being interrupted with several images of bombs that were exploding in Ukraine with soldiers talking about the horrors involved in this conflict. 

Anonymous Has Decided To Attack Kremlin

The video uploaded by Anonymous started circulating on the 26th of February and was then shared on the many social accounts that the collective had. As it goes, the post earned several million views. Keeping up with the tradition of the collective, this stunt had every single hallmark of a hack from this group- it was impactful, dramatic, and quite easy to share on an online forum. Like most of the cyber attacks done by this group, it was also pretty hard to be brought under verification. 

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One of the smaller branches of the hackers from Anonymous stated that they were responsible for the cyber attack. After this, they also managed to take control over their TV services for around 12 minutes on the trot. The first person who went on to post the video was able to prove its authenticity. Eliza was an American citizen, but her father is from Russia and informed her when all of his TV shows were interrupted by the hacking group. 

Anonymous further claimed that they would be intensifying the attacks on the Kremlin if nothing was done to restore peace in the country. The collective has also spoken about how they have taken down multiple Russian websites and have also stolen government data, but one of the partners at Red Goat- a cyber-security company- has claimed that the attacks have been pretty basic.

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