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ApeSwap Announced Its Partnership With DeFi Platform Gauntlet

There has been an announcement that ApeSwap has approached Gaunlet Networks, the most evident and largest platform of financial modeling in DeFi, to become its partner. The analysis of data and in-depth simulation of Gauntlet will enable ApeSwap to have better optimization of the emission of its tokens. This will help ApeSwap to have better usage of liquidity efficiently and also in its development for the regular trading volume of the platform. 

Everything To Know About About ApeSwap and Gauntlet

A platform that deals with financial modeling and utilizes techniques that are battle-tested is known as Gauntlet. The techniques were taken from the algorithmic industry of trade that informs about the on-chain protocol management. Thus, in simple terms, it takes advantage of the models of difficult simulation and enables the huge DeFi projects to be well-informed and take decisions regarding emissions and tokenomics based on data. 

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The team of Gauntlet consists of software engineers, data scientists, simulation engineers, and other experts to provide the company with the most correct, best, and insightful data for the sake of its whole BNB Chain DEX

In the views of Engineer, an analyst of the company stated that everybody must be proud of the fact that they are the first partner of Gauntlet on the BNB chain, and they are officially a part of the famous partners like Balancer, Compound, Aave, SushiSwap and many more. 

ApeSwap will construct both simulation and statistical-based models that will focus on DEX. The above-mentioned models will enclose both firm’s blue-chip and partners which will make sure that they are well aware of the full picture of the allocations of its emission and the protocols can have correct recommendations throughout. 

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The provided data will be used for the adjustment of all the allocation points or farm’s multipliers on ApeSwap which helps them to have better optimization of garner liquidity and BANANA token emission.

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