Apple Car Production To Begin By 2024 With Advanced Technology


Apple Inc has been picking pace in the industry of self-driving cars. By 2024, Apple car production might be producing passenger vehicles that will be having a breakthrough technology of battery.

The company of iPhone makers is making great efforts in producing Apple cars and the project is called Project Titan. It has had a rough journey since it first began in 2014 by starting to design its own automobile from scratch.

Apple Car Pacing With Project Titan

At some point, Apple took a step back in order to lay emphasis on the software as well as re-evaluate its goals. Doug Field, a veteran in Apple had been working in Tesla Inc but returned to supervise Project Titan in 2018, then fired 190 employees from his team in 2019.

Since then, the company has made good progress and now aims to generate an automobile for consumers. The Apple car will be a personal car for the mass market but very different from the rival products. For example, Waymo, produced by Alphabet Inc, is a Robo-taxi that carries 2 passengers availing a driverless service.

The key to Apple’s approach is the new battery that is designed to radically cut down the expenses of batteries and raise the range of the vehicle. So far, Apple has refused to provide any official statement regarding its future plans for Apple cars.

The production of Apple cars will pose a supply chain challenge along with huge expenses. Elon Musk required 17 years to eventually produce cars that will bring profits.

Apple has not yet disclosed its manufacturing partner. However, the pandemic might delay the future plans and prospects of Apple’s new project and might not be able to begin before 2025 or later.