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Apple Search Might Give Google A Competitor Or Make Siri A One-Stop-Shop

Apple has its mind set on developing an alternative to a Google Search as a report of Financial Times states. Since the influx of various anti-trust activity in the Departments of Justice and Capitol Hill, there’s a need for Apple to bring out a refined search option that would keep away all the anti-trust activities. 

Apple’s main concern has always been to provide for a search engine that allows the user to protect their privacy, therefore the necessity to bring the change around. However, this could create a small stifle among Apple and Google as both companies have the same thing in mind. Both companies practice creating an anti-theft corner for their users might call in a competition. 

Apple On Its Own?

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Most technology-oriented industries battle to do away with anti-theft and find it difficult to deal with big companies such as Google. Here, Apple, a big name in the industry might also face certain backlash from Google in the scenario. 

In the new iOS 14, launched by Apple on 16th September 2020, features of quick searches have been included. Apple has successfully included features where people have witnessed features such as search results directly taking them to suggested websites. Ever since then there has been an increase in the search volume of the users in the crawler of Apple. 

This was not a sudden change however, there were building up to this process which is why many beta users under Apple’s developer’s program had already found this feature available. This was noted by Jon Henshaw of Coywolf back in August when the developer beta was available. Various news reports let know that this created a huge influx on Apple’s website. It was also seen that Apple had moved in more and more websites that were recommended by them to the users. 

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Cupertino, a company based in California let know that they had been working with the artificial intelligence of Apple, that is, Siri. However, while most companies believed that it would be Cupertino who would work on the search engine of Apple, it is understandable if Cupertino refuses to work for both the anti-theft technology and Siri.

However, it is a well-thought expectation if Cupertino starts to imbibe anti-theft technology within the technology of artificial intelligence. This is possible because Apple is a company that has its systems integrated into a single unit. Therefore, John Giannandrea, the head of Cupertino, might be interested in working on integrating the new anti-theft technology with Siri. 

Where Apple still internally uses Google’s search integration to give feedback to its users, now, allowing users to finally see a search integration of their own. One such search integration would be Microsoft Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine. Therefore, accumulating the whole thing into Siri would mean users would get a search provider of their own choice. 

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