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Argentina Sign Player Via Crypto Deal

Argentina has been one of the biggest names in the history of football. They have produced some of the finest footballers in recent times. Diego Maradona and Leonel Messi are two such examples of footballing gems from the country. However, as the years have progressed, the footballing scenario of the country has deteriorated significantly. The country has failed to produce any noticeable talents and has been going down the Fifa rankings at a steady rate.

Unfortunately, the country has been economically unstable as well. The government has been struggling to provide the common people of the country with a decent living. The recent pandemic only made matters worse. At such a time of economic crisis, cryptocurrencies are looking like the savior of footballers at the moment. Most of the players are not getting paid well and international clubs are least interested to offer them a signing.

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However, a recent piece of news has made everyone sit up and take notice. One of the football clubs in Argentina has completed a signing of a player by using cryptocurrencies. Giuliano Galoppo has made history by being the first player in the history of football to accept wages in digital assets. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Argentina Club Makes Record Signing With Cryptocurrency

Giuliano Galoppo has been the lucky footballer to have made the headlines recently. He has become the first player to complete a transfer via cryptocurrency. Galoppo was a player of the Banfield’s Athletic Club. He had a decent career in his former club. 

However, in order to explore new challenges, the player moved to Sao Paulo Futebol Clube. According to the latest reports, the player has been offered USD Coins amounting to up to 8 million.  

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