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Argo Blockchain Has Seen Itself Amongst Most Traded Stocks

It has been reported by Fidelity Investments’ that Argo Blockchain has seen the most number of customers interested in trading shares. The report closely follows the blockchain over the last 12 months, and on Thursday, Fidelity stated that the blockchain ranked third among the top five stocks which were traded actively by its customers throughout the year- the others included the car giant Rolls-Royce, British Airways owner International Consolidated Airlines, BP- oil giants, and Lloyds Banking Group.

Argo, which Fidelity recently described as a trending stock, also went on to rank third among stocks that had been traded through Self-Invested Personal pension investors.

Argo Blockchain Securing its Roots In North America

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However, it has also been hinted by the company of financial services that the Argo Blockchain may not be able to make the top five stocks next year. According to Fidelity, there will be scores of new arrivals- all intent on knocking the mining firm off the list of most actively traded stocks in December, which would also include Genedrive- the test manufacturer for COVID-19, Boohoo Group, the fast-fashion retailer, and Smiths Group, the engineering firm. 

Argo Blockchain has the distinction of being one of the first crypto mining firms that have been listed on the London Stock Exchange– all the way back in 2018, where it steadily increased its operations. Argo then became even more accessible to the investors in the United States of America through a public listing that came aboard on the Nasdaq in September.

In addition, the firm has also undertaken the project of constructing a facility on a 320- acre land plot in West Texas, which would be aiming for around 800 megawatts of electrical power to mine several cryptocurrencies. 

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According to the data provided from the website, the facilities of the Argo Blockchain in North America are currently using about 45MW of electricity in order to generate Bitcoin.

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