Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrated His Son’s 29th Birthday

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick turned 29 this year, and they celebrated with his ex-wife as a family. Patrick shared the birthday photos on his Instagram the following day. Apart from being the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is also an actor who starred in the Netflix film Moxie last year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Ex Divorced Last Year

Arnold and Maria separated in 2011 and divorced last year in December; Shriver filed for divorce in 2015 after 25years of married life. Arnold and Maria have four kids; they feel they are “the light and the center of both of our lives.” Despite their split, they are together as a family. They celebrated Arnold’s birthday together in 2020.

Patrick posted a photo of him on his birthday at a restaurant at his happiest with his parents, holding a plate of dessert with happy birthday written on it. He wrote a heartfelt message as a caption for his Instagram post thanking everyone for their wish. He also shared his post with his girlfriend, whom he has been with since 2015. Patrick shared a picture of a birthday cake decorated with Mosh’s protein bar, a company he and his mother Maria founded.

Maria Shriver shared a heartwarming message on her son’s birthday praising him for being so kind, intelligent, and funny. And how thankful she is for being his mother.How wonderful it is to be working with him. Arnold Schwarzenegger has four children two daughters and two sons. He is also a father to Joseph Baena, with Mildred Baena.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver share a beautiful bond; even after their divorce and all the drama, they tend to keep a beautiful friendship and parenthood with their children. They shared that both have grown so much, and in the meantime, they transitioned personally and professionally. And mutually they came to this decision.