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Ashton Kutcher Recovered From Rare Autoimmune Disorder

According to Ashton Kutcher, who had a rare autoimmune condition that rendered him unable to see, hear, or move, he has “completely recovered.”

Ashton Kutcher tweeted that there were some rumors and chatters before about his physical health. He says that he had the rare vasculitis episode three years ago. He said that he had issues with hearing, vision and balance. However, now he is completely treated and recovered and is preparing to move on.

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The former “That ’70s Show” star also mentioned that he would be running in the November 2022 New York City marathon.

When Kutcher, 44, stated in a sneak preview of his debut on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge” that he had acquired vasculitis, which impairs his senses, he alarmed fans earlier in the day.

The Mayo Clinic states that a highly uncommon inflammatory illness called vasculitis can result in blood vessel inflammation and reduced blood flow. Vasculitis comes in various forms, but most affect at least one organ.

Ashton Kutcher Claims To Be Recovered Completely From Rare Autoimmune Disorder Problem: 

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However, the star said that he had experienced this rare symptom of vasculitis a couple of years back that has knocked out his hearing, vision, and other things. He then explained that it took him about a year to regain his senses and strength.

Ashton Kutcher also said that we do not appreciate things in our lives enough till it is gone from our lives. He says that until someone goes away from your life, you will not know that you will not be able to see them again. He said he was unsure if he could hear again or see the world with his eyes. He said that he was lucky to be alive.

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