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Audrey Roloff Sends A Warm Christmas Vibe

Author Audrey Roloff shares Christmas videos of her children having a cozy and quality time together, which melted the hearts of fans. This holiday season is all about family time, and many are proving it right. While others are partying some are spending time with their families. And Audrey’s kids are leveling up in that game.

Audrey Roloff’s Elder Son Celebrates Christmas Throughout The Year

Her elder son who is 2 years old loves the Christmas hymn so much, that Audrey Roloff had to sing to him every night for the past two years, Bode James. She also has a daughter who is 5 years old named Ember jean and a 13th-month-old son Radley Knight. Audrey shared the video of her two elder kids singing hymns to the younger one, and he seems to enjoy it very much. And his elder son Bode memorized it so well that he is the excited one amongst them.

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Audrey Roloff shares three kids with her husband Jeremy Roloff. She shows gratitude for her three children who are happy and healthy and couldn’t ask for more, captioning them they are the little blessings of her life and how they remind her of goodness.

She concluded her message by sending everyone in friendslist warm wishes and thanking the lord for being beside her through thick and thin, and taking care of them. Audrey shared a story on her Instagram reading the novel Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, altogether sitting in a dark room, all of them wearing Christmas pajamas a completely cozy vibe.

The kids are her world, and she is putting everything behind those kids. At the beginning of the fall, they started their celebration with the youngest son Radley’s first birthday and shared a precious moment during her pregnancy phase with him. And of course a heartfelt message for him, many other wished him a very happy birthday in the comment section.

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