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Avoid Stimulus Check Scams

The scammers are trying their best to make the best of the current situation in the United States of America where the citizens are caught in a stimulus check frenzy. The department of the IRS gave an announcement on the information that they received. It was stated that there was a great increase in the phishing scams that took place in the country especially during the summer season. This information was sought by the criminal investigation unit of the IRS. The announcement came in this week.

Stimulus Check Safety

The department of the IRS has provided a few tips that would help the citizens avoid falling prey to the scams. It was stated that the department never sends any kind of unsolicited emails or text messages. Along with that, they also never demand people to pay their taxes through cryptocurrencies or gift cards. They also never tell the people that they will be jailed if they do not make the required payments. They have also provided certain indicators so that people do not fall prey to the stimulus check financial aid payments scams. They include grammatical errors or some kind of spelling mistakes.

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Jim Lee, the chief of the investigation unit of the department of IRS gave a statement on the issue. It was stated that the number of scams with regard to the stimulus checks financial aid payments that were reached were more than what was seen in a decade. He also stressed the importance of keeping personal information confidential. He stated that taxpayers must be very careful while providing any sort of personal information and stay alert to prevent falling victim to the scams. Scammers have been sending emails telling people that they have been selected to receive the stimulus check financial aid payments on the basis of their “fiscal activity.” 

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