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Axie Infinity Reincarnating Towards Their Destiny in GameFi Landscape

Axie Infinity is Reincarnating. Can they achieve their former glory?  

Axie Infinity was a blockchain-based game that popularised the gaming model where users could play games to earn money. No matter how much suspicion was getting, this gaming platform soon became very popular. The amazing gaming platform helped create a different job market and helped the investors get some quick returns on their investments. 

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However, the volatile game was even quicker to be seized to exist when their Ronin chain was hacked, which possessed some inequality threats to the digital market. 

However, the recent activity of the blockchain-based game has revealed that something has been cooking. Yet, the question remains, even if Axie Infinity comes back in the business, can they do any good in this crypto winter? 


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Axie Infinity: Here Are Some General Models For Blockchain Gaming Economics

We have done our research about the potential of Axie Infinity, considering the recent market of crypto. We spend the first half of 2022 interviewing some active or inactive scholars, guild members, and Axie managers while watching them play the game. This helped us know a lot about these Blockchain games and the issues that assess the game’s potential. 

Axie made a mistake in their first innings in the market with engineering much demand for the SLPs. A smoother demand curve for them could have preserved the game. This time, this can help the game lure new investors. 

According to what we found in our research, Axie’s second mistake was to be funded by lower-wage country players. Such games must make sure there is diversity in players. Hopefully, Axie will learn from their mistakes and develop a better game this time. 

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