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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Azuki Discloses Physical Backed Token

Azuki has stepped forward to inaugurate, to the community, its Physical Backed Token, empowering the members of its community to attach physical items to digital tokens. The first process of initiation has already been taken for PBT, which is nothing but an open-source token standard. 

It uses BEAN Chip to create a distinctive experience which is termed as Scan-to-own through the hardware it uses. The fantastic feature of this chip is that it automatically generates its own pair of Asymmetric Keys

What Azuki PBT Brings To The Table Is Very Interesting

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A set of interesting features includes decentralized authentication and tracking of ownership genealogy of physical items attached to the token. This Azuki PBT feature is already attracting members in large numbers. As per the information, everybody will have the rightful right to authenticate and verify the rightful owner of items attached to the token. This will enable every member to verify, authenticate and build their experience on this platform.

Azuki, in an update further highlighted that when a physical item is sold or transferred to a new owner, the subsequent owner can access the Scan-to-own feature to start the decentralized transfer of PBT from its previous owner.

The idea is to discover ways to harness physical goods to develop a proper digital experience. Existing digital tokens have leaked this new approach even though they were provided access to physical drops Some call it a revolution. It will soon bring extreme changes very soon. Players well-established feel the tide changing, It seems, the new generation, will simply go with the flow and not against the flow. And that too without hesitation. 

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Initially, when the idea was first floated skeptic crypto enthusiasts were apprehensive, as there seemed nothing new to them, but since the launch of PBT, based on trading volume, it has been placed on the zenith, on Opensea’s 24 -hour trading platform.

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