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Bam Margera Suffered 5 Seizures And Was Even Pronounced Dead

On the most recent edition of Steve-“Wild O’s Ride” podcast, Bam Margera and his old “Jackass” co-star reconnected and talked up about his hospitalization in December 2022. On December 9, it was announced that Margera had developed pneumonia and had been placed on a ventilator because he was unable to breathe on his own. Steve-O was informed by Margera that the patient’s pneumonia was only one cause of his admission since he had also experienced five distinct types of seizures.

Bam Margera Was In The Hospital For Weeks

On December 8, I was essentially declared dead, Margera stated. “I had nasty COVID and my body was shutting down, but I was unaware of it. I experienced four seizures that lasted between ten and twenty minutes each. I chewed my tongue so hard on the fourth one that it almost fell out. It became so huge and swollen that it would not fit in my mouth. As a result of consuming contaminated blood, I also developed pneumonia.

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Bam Margera was placed on a ventilator, and Steve-O recalls reading the news and believing the “Jackass” actor would pass away. Margera and Steve-O both had their debuts in Hollywood on the MTV prank-stunt series, but Margera was not a part of the feature film “Jackass Forever” from last year because he violated a contract that called for him to abstain from alcohol while the movie was being made.

Bam Margera sued Paramount and “Jackass” ringleader Johnny Knoxville last August over the termination, alleging the producers forced him to sign the film’s “wellness agreement” while he was still in treatment. Even though Margera had an Adderall prescription for ten years, the lawsuit claimed that he was dismissed after testing positive for the stimulant. In the end, the case was resolved.

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