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Thursday, June 17, 2021

BCS Will Be Publishing Its Q2 EPS At $0.49

The stocks of BCS have their Q2 2021 EPS increased by stock analysts working for Jefferies Financial Group in a 4th June research report. According to J. Dickerson, one of the analysts for the brokerage, the provider of financial services, will be posting an EPS of $0.49 for the quarter, which was quite an increase from the previous estimate of $0.48. The brokerage has also issued multiple estimates on the FY2021 earnings of the company at an EPS of $1.73.

The Stock Commentary Of BCS 

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of BCS. JPMorgan Chase & Co has already reiterated its rating of overweight in a 23rd February research report.

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Credit Suisse Group has increased the rating of the company from neutral to outperform in a 16th March research report. Zacks Investment Research has also reduced the rating of the company from strong-buy to hold along with a price target of $11 in an 18th May research report. The Goldman Sachs Group has also increased the rating of the company from neutral to buy in a 12th March research report. 

One of the investment analysts gave the company a rating of sell, while four others provided the company with a rating of hold. Close to seven other investment analysts gave the company a rating of buy. BCS provides a buy rating with an $11 price target.

The stocks of BCS traded on Monday at $10.62. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days was $10.28. The market cap of the firm was $46.10 billion, with a 12.80 PE ratio, and a 0.20 PEG ratio. The year low of the company is $4.60, with the year high of $10.74. The quick ratio of the company is 1.39, with a 1.39 current ratio. 

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