Bebe Rexha Claims To Have Received a Used Toilet Roll In The Mail

Bebe Rexha

This week, Bebe Rexha received an unwanted surprise in a fan letter package, making it evident that she is not going to entertain such horrible behavior. The 33-year-old pop artist posted on Twitter a gross and disturbing picture of what looked to be a used piece of toilet paper placed beside a letter that she received via mail on the night of Friday. The letter which apparently arrived from Miami did not sit well with Bebe Rexha’s fanbase who identify with the title, Rexhars. A mixed bag of reactions was thrown at the “I’m Good” singer. 

Bebe Rexha Responds To Her Fans Regarding Her Recent Delivery Package

While one of the Twitter handles asked her to sniff the parcel which she strongly opposed, another supported her and urged Bebe Rexha to clean her hands which she said she had already done ten times! In another exchange with followers, Bebe Rexha was questioned about if she frequently receives such odd things via mail. The answer of which was no. 

When a different admirer told out that it is unlawful to ship biological waste, Bebe exclaimed, saying she had no idea about it. Around August last year, a similar case popped up when a man from Ohio was arrested for sending above 36 letters to lawmakers that included what appeared to be feces, according to local station WJW. The man was later freed on a $20,000 unsecured bail. As stated previously, it is illegal to transfer bodily fluids over the mail, thus the Postal Inspector in the U.S. was looking into the politician incident.

Recently, on the brighter side, Bebe Rexha surfaced in the news for revealing the name and release date of her third album. The album which is due out on April 28, begins following the style of Fleetwood Mac followed by a lot of music inspired by the 70s, which she considers her favorite.