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Friday, January 27, 2023

Ben Platt Has Finally Found His Soulmate

The Pitch Perfect actor Ben Platt, a 29 years old American actor and singer, proposed to his long-time boyfriend Noah Galvin. They have been dating since 2020. He found his soulmate.

Ben Platt Shared Cozy Photos With Loved Ones After The Proposal

Ben Platt has been friends with Noah Galvin since January 2020, Noah opened up about his relationship with Platt in May 2020, on little-known facts with Ilana Levine’s podcast. Whereas Platt opened up about his relationship with Noah Galvin, their friendship turned romantic after they got into the show’s appearance on Kelly Clarkson. That too happened in June, they have been friends for so long and never realized they were in love. Noah Galvin played Dr.asher Wolke’s character in The Good Doctor, who left his Jewish family to be a doctor and later turned atheist.

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Ben Platt and Noah Galvin started seeing each other regularly when they started living with each other at Platt’s parent’s house. They wanted to give it a shot and they succeeded, with time their love grew stronger. Platt first met Noah Galvin, when Ben was being replaced by Noah in Dear Evan Hansen, however, that was the beginning of their friendship and everything turned up pink and blue.

Ben Platt proposed to Noah Galvin last month sharing some pictures of them with close ones captioned ‘he agreed to hang out forever”. A fairytale coming true. The would-be husbands share some heartwarming pictures of that evening, surrounded by their friends with a cozy dinner at their place. The Manhattan can be seen through their photos. Ben Platt even shared a photo of two of them sharing a warm kiss, Christmas decoration is all over the place. Everyone congratulates them on the photo and on the post that Ben Platt made.

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