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Best Website Security Tools You Can Use for Free

Security of your website and related resources has always been the talk of the town for IT security specialists and they always lookout for new apps and ways to make sure that their clients and their own operations remain secure. This includes security related to both physical and virtual assets that are there in their facilities including computers and other hardware and software that include their client information, inventory information, software used by employees, security software, and other virtual assets. In short, you can’t leave any stone unturned when you think about your websites’ or organization’s security. This is because your customers rely on you when it comes to information security more than anything.

When it comes to your website’s security, there are some special programs and online tools that are used to secure websites and check their vulnerability. It is important to make sure that your website is fully secure and also helps organizations learn more about their security concerns. One can find such tools online as well using some of the best TV and internet bundles and services that make security more affordable for your brand. Let’s have a look at the different website security tools that are available online:

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This is one of the best tools that you might want to have for your website and can help you simply if you will input your website’s URL on the website. You can scan malware and security issues, inject spam, malicious codes, and infected files, and also provides the infected file locations just by scanning the external website source code. Also, you can check out if your website is blacklisted by a website authority like Google or any other source. Also, if any of your plugins or software need updates, it can identify any outdated CMS or vulnerabilities caused by plugins and extensions.


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This is one of the tools that is supported by ethical hackers across the industry that offers domain and web app security services, asset monitoring that can get you 1500 vulnerabilities. The Asset Monitoring service monitors your subdomains, searches for hostile takeovers and alerts in case anomalies are detected.


This is one of the security tools that is widely used by developers, businesses following the SaaS model, and teams working for cybersecurity. It is a plethora of amazing features that keep you and your teams under control and help you find issues in your website and help you fix them and keep things up and running. One of the best things about Probely is that you don’t have to look after your projects and reporting as Probely takes care of your reports and adds more to your convenience. The tool is very versatile and helps you achieve a lot of your objectives and is available for free. You can use features like scheduled scans, 3rd-party app integrations, blacklisting, cookie customization, and quick scans.


This is one of the external risk assessment tools that use publicly available information for evaluations. The app gets you to scan millions of digital assets throughout thousands of vectors and detects data leaks, scans vulnerability, and identifies in case there is a breach. It is also very flexible if you are using it for cybersecurity. The unmatched functionality helps you stay secure and keep your sensitive data protected at all times.


This is one of the best ways to check your website for vulnerabilities and scan your website for malicious files, suspicious programs using a highly useful scanning engine that is backed up by reliable infrastructure where it undergoes different tests that can deliver outstanding outputs. Also, you can use the most innovative and consistent enhancements for malware detection so that users can get the effectiveness against different kinds of evolved threats lurking on the web. The WAF used by Quttera blocks out malicious visitors and requests and restricts access to your website. Also, it protects you from SQL injections, different application-layer attacks, XSS, and other threats.


This is one of the most comprehensive tools that offer you some amazing solutions including the website vulnerability scanner that helps in information gathering, web application testing, CMS testing, infrastructure testing, and many other tests for users. The website scanner can help you discover common vulnerabilities with your web application and issues with your server configuration. You can also get the tool’s light version that gets you a passive web security scan and detects vulnerabilities for you. The results will let you know about vulnerabilities including SQL injection, OS command injection, XSS, and others.

You can also order Spectrum internet using Spectrum Phone Number and get the best internet service that can keep your business processes up and running and offers a number of useful security features that give you a secure environment when you are working, browsing the internet, shopping and performing other tasks online.

In the end, one can say that using any of the tools mentioned above is very useful for your business. Also, these tools can help you create a secure shopping experience for the users and provide safe business processes and management.


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