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Bethenny Frankel Is Proud Of Herself For Being Honest About SKKN

In her criticism of Kim Kardashian’s most recent skincare line and the Kardashian-Jenner family, Bethenny Frankel said that she was pleased with herself for “expressing [her] mind.”

The 51-year-old reality actress explained how she has no regrets for airing her candid ideas on social media in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday. In a recent episode of her podcast, Just B With Bethenny Frankel, Frankel gave a frank critique of Kardashian’s Skkn by Kim line and asserted that the world needs an “intermission” from the Kardashians.

Bethenny Frankel Is Disappointed With SKKN Products

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She began her Instagram video by expressing how she felt “alone” when expressing her viewpoint because her friends advised her not to “mess with” the renowned family. I am proud of myself for speaking up when it is difficult when it can be frightening, and when you are by yourself, she said. When everyone around you urges you to keep quiet because “you have too much to lose,” “you do not want to mess with these individuals,” and similar statements.

She declared at the end of the video that she wanted to be “straightforward” and “not frightened” to speak her mind. Frankel stressed that she was “not a follower” before putting many hashtags about the Kardashian-Jenner family in the caption. Fans commended Frankel for her message and for sharing her open ideas on social media in the comments section of the Instagram image. Frankel tried two Skkn by Kim goods for her TikTok review video earlier this month. She said the line was “impractical at best” and “quite pricey.”

She notably objected to one of the brand’s exfoliators, saying that it was too big to carry with you anywhere. 

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