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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Beyond Meat Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND) Reaches Target Price Of $115.58; BYND Stock Is A Potential Asset To Your Trade

During last market close, Beyond Meat Inc. or NASDAQ: BYND stocks traded at $141.83. Throughout this session, the stock value juggled between the low of $137.71 and a high of $142.60. The current BYND stock value stands at $139.58.

Throughout the year, BYND stock had a great run in terms of market performance. The company’s 12-monthly high stands at $197.50 and the 12-monthly low stands at $48.18.

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This 52-week range between $48.18 and $197.50 tells us a lot about the company’s market performance currently. BYND stocks recently reached a high trading volume of 2133982 on a daily basis approximately.

BYND Stock Analysis; Beyond Meat Inc. Gets A “Hold” Rating

In the case of daily metric, the company’s recorded market performance stands at 84.63% yielding a revenue that shows 5.62% for every quarter. This value is measured in comparison to the corresponding quarter the previous year. The debt-to-equity ratio stands at 0.13 and the 50-day moving average stands at 31.24%.

BYND stocks total market cap stands at $8.80 billion presently and the company has a total of 472 workers.

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NASDAQ: BYND stocks have recently been the subject of a lot of reports by research analysts. A total of 21 analysts have branded this company for now. Among them, 1 has polled “Overweight”, 6 have rated the company as “sell”. 2 firms have given out an “underweight” rating. 3 has marked it as “Buy”. And 10 analysts have temporarily put a “hold” rating for BYND stocks. Thus, the recent consensus regarding BYND stocks stands at a “HOLD” rating with $115.58 as a consensus on the target price. Several hedge funds have also been involved in buying and selling of NASDAQ: BYND shares recently.

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