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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Bill Gates Talks About Dropping From The World’s Richest People List

In his year-end lengthy blog post, Bill Gates writes that he has been seeing the globe through a different lens. On the Gates Notes page, Bill Gates shares the updates on Gates Foundation, he also addresses the climatic changes and gives reviews on recent technological foundations. As usual hitting on these default topics, Bill Gates adds even more in the 2022 update which includes his split with Melinda French Gates in 2021. He further talks about his drop-off from the list of the World’s Richest People.

Gates began his long post and closed too with a touch on his personal affair. He started his blog with him celebrating his 67th in October which calls for retirement for most pupils in America. After this, he hits immediately the topic of his chances of not being the richest person anymore. Not that he cares about making it to the list but he is very sure that the more he succeeds in giving, the lower he would rank and eventually out of the list.

Bill Gates Soon To Walk Into Becoming A Grandfather 

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Next, he shared his walking into an era of becoming a grandpa the following year and how this has been changing his lookout. His eldest daughter Jennifer with partner Nayal Nassar announced the pregnancy on Thanksgiving. He says that even the thought, or while typing this out makes him emotional and this thought has even changed his thought process.

He says with anticipation of his grandchild coming into the face of this world, he gets inspired to assist children and grandchildren of others and help them thrive. He moves further with significant details about the Gates Foundation which includes reducing the death rate of children in half, preparing the globe for any unforeseen pandemic, working towards the complete eradication of polio, etc, and back to his personal life which includes his father’s death and his divorce.

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